Rumors: Next Steam Sale To Be Held In Mid-February

Rumors: Next Steam Sale To Be Held In Mid-February 24.01.20221 [21:31], Evgeny Mirkin

Big sales on Steam have long since ceased to be a rare event. The Winter Sale recently took place, and now, according to the Steam Database, the next one looms on the horizon. It will be timed to coincide with the Chinese New Year and will be called the Lunar New Year Sale.

According to a representative from the Steam Database (who also mentioned that the information obtained should be due to Steam Direct), the Lunar New Year Sale will take place between February 15-19. There is no need to doubt the reliability of the source, since he has already published such data more than once before their official announcement.

The next @steam_games sale is Lunar New Year Sale and will run from February 15th to 19th. Thanks to Steam Direct, it now takes less than 5 hours for that information to leak.

- Steam Database (@SteamDB) January 23, 20221.

The list of projects participating in the sale, of course, is not yet available - it will become known only after its start. Also, don't expect too many items at the sale.

The aforementioned Steam Direct replaced Steam Greenlight last year to streamline and simplify the process of publishing games from independent developers. Thanks to this system, it is enough to pay $ 100 once for your project to be reviewed by Valve and released on its platform. Steam Database writes that it took less than five hours to retrieve sale data from Steam Direct.


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