Galaxy Tab 10 sales.1 banned in Europe without hearing Samsung

Galaxy Tab 10 sales.1 banned in Europe without hearing Samsung 10.08.2021 [14:38], Vladimir Mironenko

New data has emerged regarding the circumstances of the ban on the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 tablet by the Dusseldorf court.1 in Europe. As it turned out, the court made a decision without even hearing the arguments of the defendant in its defense. In addition, Apple did not inform the South Korean company that a lawsuit was filed with allegations of copyright infringement in German courts.

"The injunction request was sent without notice to Samsung," writes Samsung's chief communications officer Kim Titus in a released official statement."And the judgment was made without holding a hearing on this matter or providing (the defendant) evidence of his innocence.". Kim Titus assured that Samsung will take all necessary measures to protect its copyrights, as well as interests, both in Europe and in other regions of the world.

The ban of the German court applies to all EU countries, with the exception of the Netherlands. If a violation of the ban is found, Samsung, among other things, will have to pay a fine of 250 thousand euros.

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