AMD deliberately ignores smartphones

AMD deliberately ignores smartphones 10.08.2021 [01:04], Pavel Kotov

AMD has officially admitted that it has left the smartphone segment to its competitors, although the company has all the necessary means to conquer it. Rick Bergman, Senior Vice President, Says AMD's Future Future is Tablet PCs. They are based on Z-series APUs for optimal video performance with low power consumption. And, of course, Mr. Bergman once again denied rumors about the company's work on an ARM chipset.

“We have not announced plans to enter the smartphone space. We have many possibilities... in the field of servers, laptops and now tablets, which are our immediate focus. However, if the right conditions arise and we see an opportunity to change the market, we will continue to search... We are delighted with what the tablet market can do for AMD, ”said Rick Bergman.

In the tablet market, AMD is doing the same thing as Intel with the Atom platform, namely the capabilities of full-fledged personal computers in terms of graphics and software compatibility. Buyers and OEMs expect the same. The first devices based on Z-series processors are already on sale, one of them is, in particular, the MSI WindPad 110W. Acer is also working on a similar product. Otherwise, work on adapting x86 processors to a level where they can compete with ARM chips in terms of performance and economy is currently in full swing.

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